Morph is an abstract music visualization about metamorphose and change.

Video and animation:

  • Skodone
  • Alexander Moritz
  • Viktor Lissy


  • Kensee


  • Vilte

Part 1 Noise:
Abstracted Photograph reduced to fractal noise – Representing the imaginable things one can see in lively and reduced patterns as noise, wall structures, clouds.
Part 2 Triangles:
Movements inspired by the opening of flower buds. Focus on fluid organic movements.
Part 3 Dance:
A professional dancer was asked to improvise to the music and filmed during the process. The video
was reduced and the movements traced in 3d space. The movements create an abstract 3d painting and
the dancing is changed to something completely different.
Part 4 Jumping:
Inspirde by the metamorphoses of M.C. Escher. Creating changing geometries and loosening the abstract layer.
Part 5 Caleidoscope:
The hypnotic and sucking in effect of simple forms (modified star shapes) changes the geometry to something bigger and more complex.