HolzHäuser im Raumschiff

HolzHaus was invited to be the first of an exhibition series at Raumschiff Linz !

8 artists from HolzHaus exhibited their works

  • Sophia Ausweger
  • Julia Hinterberger
  • Franziska King
  • Josepha Krüger
  • Birgit Loipl
  • Silke Müller
  • Leonie Reese
  • Benjamin Wahl

coming from different media the exhibition shows a variety of artworks held together
by the concept of the house.

The exhibition was accompanied by Linz-based performaner Morast and the Goldafter DJ Team!

My installation was inspired by another exhibition in Raumschiff one year before I got invited
to Raumschiff again. At the first exhibition a sculpture of mine was stolen and the installation
dealt with the habit of stealing artworks from public exhibitions.