Artistic Waste

I attended at the exhibition “Artistic Waste” of the students of an artistic research group in The University of Art and Design Linz.

The exhibition deals with the word waste in various ways. The artworks were setup likely to offices in urban administration. The visitors had to fill in a document and ask questions about each artwork in order to get access to the exhibition buffet. A “waste of time” was inevitable.

My part consists of three holy Mary figurines I got from the trash (thansk to Anke!). I modified the sculptures to represent my interpretation of a modern Madonna.

Artwork text:

Maria and Josef, symbols of christianity from time immemorial in seemingly familiar peaceful form.
The second look reveals change and the third insight?
A personal approximation to a modern Madonna.


Isabella Auer
Vivian Bausch & Julia Nüsslein
Silke Grabinger
Sarah Hujber
Karol Kensy
Elisa Lerchbaum
Aimilia Liontou
Lusi Loecker
Florine Mougel
Simon Schwab
Benjamin Wahl