Hushed Escape

The game was created during the Global Game Jam 2017 in vienna and nominated best game of the vienna jam.

Hushed Escape is a voice input based stealth game about a young woman escaping from an alien prison on earth.

In the near future earth was invaded by a blind alien race, which despises sound and noise. The fences the countries built to defend themselves against other countries became their ultimate prisons and most of humanity was captured by their alien conquerors. The only way to escape is to be quiet and reach a country abandoned and free from the alien intrusion. Take control over Mira, a young girl with revolutionary ambitions and try to escape from the prison. Sneak past the guards as quiet as possible to reach your goal and join the revolution


Whisper to your microphone or produce silent noises until our heroine starts to sneak.
Watch out for the guards and find a way to sneak past them without being too loud.
The rings are indicators for your loudness and give an idea how loud you can be.
Once you sneaked past the guards you will escape the prison and be free!

Technical aspects:

The game was created in Unity and the art was entirely done in Marmoset Hexels 3

The rain was taken from the Unity Asset store and created by Digital Ruby/Jeff Johnson.

Future plans:

The aim is to release the game on for Win/Mac and also I want to try to do a mobile build (pay what you want).
The game is now in an almost done state and only needs to be polished and bugfixed a little more. A release in 2017 seems


  • (Programmer) Christoph Horinek
  • (Art) Luna Riedler
  • (Art/Programmer) Benjamin “skodone” Wahl


  • Global Game Jam 2017 Vienna “Best Game”
  • ReVersed Festival 2017 Vienna “Most Creative Game”


Marmoset Hexels Feature:

80Level Interview:

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