Benjamin “skodone” Wahl

Born 1987 in Salzburg; living in Vienna, Austria


  • currently studying Time based media at the University of Art and Design Linz
  • 2015 Bachelof of Science in Mediatechnology and -design at
    University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg
  • 2008 Mechatronics apprenticeship at Werkschulheim Felbertal


  • currently working as a Designer and Illustratior at advertisement agency “Amazing”,
    freelancing and as a 3D and concept artist at “Anego Studios” as well as localizing award winning
    game “Path-Out” together with Causa Creations
  • 2016 3D character artist at Crafty Studios Game Development GmbH “Sternenschweif HD”
  • 2014 head and co-founder of registered arts and culture association “HolzHaus Linz”
  • 2012 construction and design and software project management at Palfinger Group
Adobe Creative Suite
Javascript Phaser
3D Coat
Marmoset Toolbag 3
Substance Painter 2
Unreal Engine 4
Quixel Suite


  • 2018 “I want to play female” – Reversed Festival Vienna
  • 2017 “A documenta Diary” – Documenta14 Athens


  • 2017 “Breaking free – staying bound” Sparkasse Linz – GFK Linz
  • 2017 “Breaking free – staying bound” Museum of Hygiene Dresden

group exhibitions/appearances:

  • 2018 “Reversed Festival” at Museumsquartier Vienna
  • 2018 “Augenbrei mit Sollbruchstellen” DorfTV Linz TV Show
  • 2018 “Play Austria 1.5” at Museumsquartier Vienna
  • 2018 “Weg-Flanierende Erkenntnis” Exhibition at Raumschiff Linz
  • 2018 “Reboot Develop” Dubrovnik Croatia
  • 2017 “Pongsage” Pong exhibition of PongJam at Schaustelle Vienna
  • 2017 “GameStage Live: Interfaces of Play” at Ars Electronica Center Linz
  • 2017 “FairPlayAustria” at Semperdepot Vienna
  • 2017 “Reversed Festival” at Museumsquartier Vienna
  • 2017 “Artistic Waste” at The University of Art and Design Linz
  • 2016 “Tage des offenen Ateliers Linz” at HolzHaus Linz
  • 2016 “Aneignung” at The University of Art and Design Linz
  • 2016 “Hosting HolzHaus” at Raumschiff Linz
  • 2016 “HolzHaus Festival” at HolzHaus Linz
  • 2016 “8kHz geschnürt” at HolzHaus Linz
  • 2015 “Tage des offenen Ateliers Linz” at HolzHaus Linz
  • 2015 “Grosser Knutt und Trottellumme” at HolzHaus Linz
  • 2015 “Co-creation no curation” at Raumschiff Linz
  • 2014 “HolzHaus” at Rother Krebs Linz
  • 2014 “Walk of Wäste” at HolzHaus Linz

single exhibitions:

  • 2010 “skodone” at JUZ Kokkola
  • 2006 “To the roots and back to now” at JUZ Faistenau


  • 2017 “Hushed Escape”
    • Best Game at Global Game Jam Vienna
    • Most Creative Game at ReVersed Festival Vienna
    • shown @fairPlayAustria
  • 2015 “Actors appointment”
    • Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz ads campaign
  • 2014 “Walk of Wäste”
    • Kurz- und Langfilmtage 2Gas Station Berlin
    • Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz
    • nominated “Best student project” at Austrian Computer Graphics Award